Absolute durability.

Research and Development


Professional control

As in sport, when you build frames, top performance is only possible under ongoing control. Merida tests frames on sophisticated test stations, recording all the important performance data and then they build a training plan to optimise the frame. To change tube diameter or wall thickness is one of the easier exercises.

When it comes to carbon frames, building a training plan is far more complex: You must consider force impacts and directional inputs, but besides that you must consider stiffness, comfort, longevity and weight as well.

To control the training plan after exercise every new prototype goes back on the test rig. Better prototypes are developed and the fine tuning improvements becomes more specific until the goal is reached, the absolute pinnacle in frame building – stiffer lighter and faster than the rest.

Professional equipment

The Merida R&D department holds testing equipment that is also used by the European bike magazines Bike and Tour who currently do the most advanced stiffness testing in the market place.

  • Bottom bracket stiffness is tested by applying aforce not just laterally, but through the cranks and chain simulating real world riding conditions to en sure you get the maximum pedalling force onto the road.
  • Torsional stiffness of the frame is tested with a focus on head tube stiffness to give maximum steering precision and a chatter free frame.
  • Comfort testing is carried out to find out how well the frame absorbs vibration.
  • Fork testing / comfort – working in both planes to be stiff enough for precise steering whilst compliant enough to eliminate road buzz.


Save downhill riding: Frames* must feature a head tube stiffness above 80 Nm/Degree to enable chatter-free downhill cycling. That’s why all new frame projects are thoroughly checked on our own test benches to guarantee best possible stiffness data before serial production will start to run.
*Referring to rigid-fork road frames

Direct propulsion: A frame’s BB stiffness essentially determines the effective amount of pedal power being finally transferred to the road. Thanks to our in-house BB test bench (identical with “Tour”- / “BIKE”-magazine’s equipment), we are able to optimize our products according to actual frame deformation, even simulation the three-dimensional deformation initiated by the chain pull.